Bryan "Doc" Hindrichs
Jason "Slimer" Hultman
Erik "Goat" Combs
Michael "Goonie" Combs
Sean "Hellboy" Dowling Secretary
Rob "Tank" Payton
Darrah "Kat" Hindrichs
Jeremy "Dirty Pirate" Nevil
Outreach Manager

The Outdoorsmen is a group of friends that get together to play paintball. We travel all over the Mid-West playing in different games to have fun. We bring a level of respect to the game that states: We will put the integrity of the game in front of winning the game. We will put the well-being of any team member ahead of the game. We play paintball as a team and as friends. What happens on the field is left on the field.


Ian "Chewie" Hindrichs
Kaitlyn "Squirrel" Crowley
B.J. "Zorro" Self
Paul "Preacher" Tanner
Marvin "Blu" Crawford
B.J. "Zorro" Self
Else "Wildcat" Payton
Jason "Dealer" Ketteman
Brandon "Teenangster" Ketteman
Zach "Ginger Snapped" Ketteman
Cooper "See-Jay" Nevil
Andy "Trunk Monkey" Carney